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Laura was born in Cádiz, Spain, where her passion for flamenco began as a child attending the Concha Baras Dance School. However, it was not until she was 18 years old when she realized she wanted to become a professional dancer.  She started studying the Spanish Dance and Flamenco APDE certificate at the Lola San Juan Dance Center where she studied with Sara Martín, Christian Lozano and Isaac Tovar.

Few years later, Laura joined the Professional Conservatory of Dance in Madrid. She also attended dance workshops with world-renowned artists Antonio Najarro, Aida Gómez, Gala Vivancos, Juanjo Linares, Mercedes Ruiz, among others and performing professionally at the famed RESAD Theater and Theater of Madrid. She continued her studies in the Amor de Dios Flamenco Dance Center in Madrid.

Recently relocated to the US where she has continued her studies with Isaac and Nino de los Reyes and attended Flamenco Workshops with Farruquito, Jesus Carmona, Lucia Campillo, Sonia Olla, Triana Maciel and Juaquin Grilo among others.

She has been dancing with Flamenco Dance Project performing at different Theaters in Massachusetts. Dancer and Choreographer of Quixote in Kabul, directed by Boston College of Fine Arts.

Laura was finalist of the NYC Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana Certamen for two years and got the third Award in 2016.

Laura is also a marketer and business strategist whose spirit, passion and perseverance are inspired by dance.








Laura Sánchez


Dancing with my heart


Dancing flamenco changed my life in a way I could never imagine. When I am dancing, I am the happiest person in the world. I need to share my passion with the world and make other people happy though flamenco.


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