Flamenco Workshop Cambridge, MA

Winter and Spring 2016

From January to April our absolute beginner students learned the basics of Flamenco with Laura Sánchez in a friendly and supportive environment. After weeks of  hard work, enthusiasm and lots of fun, they challenged themselves to perform, for their first time, a Flamenco Piece on Stage. Congratulations! You did a great job.

Si quieres, puedes.


Flamenco Workshop Cambrigde, MA

Fall 2015

This 6 weeks Flamenco Workshop was an introduction to the passion of Flamenco. Students learned the basics of Flamenco technique, footwork, arms and posture. Students also learned a full choreography by Tangos that had the opportunity to show to their friends and family in the final showcase.

Choreography: Laura Sanchez

Music: Amor de San Juan by Niña Pastori

Flamenco Workshop Cambridge - 2015


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Flamenco Workshops for Adults and Kids in Cambridge, MA

November 15, 2015


Dance Complex



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